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The Hoover library is also called the Hartley Library after Captain Paul Hartley

Captain Paul Hartley, a 1943 graduate at Hoover, served as president of the Hoover High School Foundation for 11 years.  He was instrumental in raising tens of thousands of dollars on the school's behalf and for establishing the Bookie Clark Scholarship, given annually to a graduating senior.  Captain Hartley's work for the school includes recruiting tutors and mentors to work with Hoover students, arranging for job shadowing experiences for more than 250 students over six years, and locating businesses to offer student internships. You will find a replica of his likeness located in front of the circulation counter in the library. In 2001 the library was dedicated The Hartley Library.

Offices and Services in the Library

In fall 2017 the school administration offices were relocated to the library. The attendance office, main office, counselors, IT, security, and college advisors are now located in the library.  These services will continue to be located in the library while the new administration offices are under construction. Completion of the new administration offices is expected around 2021. 

"A new 500 seat theater and a new 3-story multi-purpose building along the street facade of the Hoover High School campus will pay homage to the original buildings from the 1930's. The two new buildings will replace the existing undersized theater, an administration building, a conseling building, 20 modular classrooms, and a modular restrom building." AVRP Skyport Studios.  Images of the new administration buildings at Hoover High School.

Ask about the time capsule that was found on June 21, 2018 when the old building was torn down.

Library Resources

You can find twenty computer stations for student use, printers, textbooks, supplementary class books, library books and reference books in the library.

The librarian's desk is located next to the circulation counter.


Textbooks are a valuable tool to assist you in learning. Textbooks are required for your core courses.  Your teacher will schedule a date with the librarian and you will be brought into the library to check-out your textbooks.  Bring your school identification card (ID) with you.  Each textbook has a barcode placed on the cover or inside the cover of the book. Use your school ID card or student ID number to have a textbook checked out to you.  After your personal information is entered into the textbook database the barcode must be scanned to connect the textbook with your name.

Keep your textbooks in a safe and dry place.  Damaged textbooks may have to be replaced, ask the librarian for assistance with this. At the end of the semester you will be scheduled to return your textbooks to the library.  Be sure to bring your textbooks back to the library on your assigned day so they will be available for the next class. HooRyde!!

Library Books

Don't have money or time to travel? Read books on mysteries, science fiction, romance, fantasy, chick lit, vampires, fairy tales, zombies, graphic, short stories, and legends...created in the imagination of the author.  Fiction books are found in the library and are sorted in alphabetical order by the author's last name.  These books can be checked out for two weeks at a time.  Renew your library book with the librarian to extend your time to read it.

Know What You Owe


Hoover Students: 

At the beginning of the school year you will be checking out your course textbooks from the library. Your teacher will tell what day you will go to the library. Be prepared to carry your textbooks home.  Bring a back pack and ask your parents to give you a ride home.

Use this list of books on the day you go to the library to check out your textbooks. Write in your class period (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) in the first column. Take this list with you when you go to the library.

Name: __________________________________________________

Id Number: ______________________________________________


Class PeriodSubjectCourse #APCourse TitleInstructional Materials/TextbooksBook Description
 ENGLISH1540, 1541 ENGLISH 1,2McDougal Littell Literature for CA, Grade 9Orange
 ENGLISH1570, 1571 ENGLISH 3,4McDougal Littell Literature for CA, Grade 10Blue
 ENGLISH1572, 1573 ENGLISH 3,4 ADVANCEDPrentice Hall Literature World MasterpiecesPenguin
 ENGLISH1583, 1584 AMERICAN LITERATURE 1,2McDougal Littell, Language of Literature: American LiteratureYellow/ lady with bananas
 ENGLISH1589, 1590 AMERICAN LITERATURE 1,2 HONORSMcDougal Littell, Language of Literature: American LiteratureYellow/ lady with bananas
 ENGLISH1698, 1699APENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION 1,2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTGlencoe/McGraw-Hill, Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, and DramaBlack/ tan/ lady with flowers
2. W. W. Norton,The Norton Reader
1. Black
2. Brown
 ENGLISHCity College CITY ENGLISH 1011. Reclaming Our Stories
2. Writing About Writing
1. Grey w/ Red Letters, 9780976580157
2. Teal, 9781319032760
 HISTORY6605, 6606 MODERN WORLD HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY 1,2McDougal Littell, Modern World History: Patterns of InteractionPurple
 HISTORY6639, 6640APWORLD HISTORY 1,2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTHolt McDougal, The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global HistoryLady with mandolin
 HISTORY6645, 6646 WORLD HISTORY 1,2 ADVANCEDGlencoe, World History: Modern TimesBlue
 HISTORY6701, 6702 US HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY 1,2McDougal Littell,The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st CenturyBlue
 HISTORY6711, 6712 US HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY 1,2 HONORSMcDougal Littell, A People and a NationLady with orange shawl
 HISTORY6721, 6722APUS HISTORY 1,2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTMcGraw-Hill, American HistoryBlack/ copper hat
 HISTORY6757 GOVERNMENT 1Glencoe/McGraw-Hill,US Government: Democracy in ActionRed
 HISTORY6758 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS 1Prentice Hall, Economics: Principles in Action &
Financial Literacy Workbook
 LANGUAGE1575, 1576 ELD 1,21. Ballard & Tighe, Champion of Ideas: Red Level, &
2. Chapion Writer, &
3. Quest 1: Listening and Speaking &
4. Quest 1: Reading and Writing
 LANGUAGE1577, 1578 ELD 3,41. Ballard & Tighe, Champion of Ideas: Blue Level, &
2. McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT, Quest Introduction: Listening and Speaking, &
3. Quest Introduction: Reading and Writing
 LANGUAGE1579, 1580 ELD 5,6McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT, Quest Level 1: Listening and Speaking & 2: Reading and WritingPink
 LANGUAGE2001, 2002 FRENCH 1-2Holt, Bien dit! Level 1Red
 LANGUAGE2003, 2004 FRENCH 3-4Holt, Bien dit! Level 2Blue
 LANGUAGE2321, 2322 SPANISH 1-2Holt McDougal, Avancemos! Level 1Blue/ orange
 LANGUAGE2323, 2324 SPANISH 3-4Holt McDougal, Avancemos! Level 2Purple/ yellow
 LANGUAGE2325, 2326 SPANISH 5-6McDougal Littell, En Espanol! Level 3Girl and boy w/ fruit & veggie basket
 LANGUAGE2345, 2346 SPANISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS 1-2Holt,Advanced Spanish, Nuevas Vistas Curso IntroduccionPink
 LANGUAGE2347, 2348 SPANISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS 3-4Holt,Advanced Spanish, Nuevas Vistas Curso UnoPurple w/ water and metal flower
 LANGUAGE2349, 2350 SPANISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKER 5-6Holt,Advanced Spanish, Nuevas Vistas Curso Dos 
 MATH4046, 4047 STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS 1-2Key Curriculum Press,Workshop Statistics:Discovery With DataBlue
 MATH4157, 4158 INTEGRATED MATH I, A-BPearson, Mathematics I, Integrated CME ProjectGreen
 MATH4159, 4160 INTEGRATED MATH II, A-BPearson, Mathematics II, Integrated CME ProjectOrange
 MATH4161, 4162 PRECALCULUS 1-2Prentice Hall,PrecalculusChili pepper/ orange
 MATH4163, 4164 INTEGRATED MATH III, A-BPearson, Mathematics III, Integrated CME ProjectTeal
 MATH4165, 4166 INTEGRATED MATH I, ADVANCEDPearson, Mathematics I, Integrated CME ProjectGreen
 MATH4167, 4168 INTEGRATED MATH II, ADVANCEDPearson, Mathematics II, Integrated CME ProjectOrange
 MATH4169, 4170 INTEGRATED MATH III, ADVANCEDPearson, Mathematics III, Integrated CME ProjectTeal
 MATH4181, 4182 PRECALCULUS 1-2 HONORSPrentice Hall, Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, AlgebraicGreen
 MATH4189, 4190APCALCULUS AB 1-2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTPrentice Hall, Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, AlgebraicGold
 MATH7314 APPLIED MATHEMATICS 11TH-12THPearson AGS, Consumer Mathematics 
 MATHCity College CITY MATH 119Introductory and Intermediate AlgebraRed/ green
 SCIENCE3763 INTRO TO GREEN TECHNOLOGYEPTT (Energy, Power & Transportation Tech)Purple/ bridge
 SCIENCE6111, 6112 BIOLOGY 1,2Biology: The Dynamics of LifeBlue/ whale
 SCIENCE6121, 6122 BIOLOGY 1,2 ADVANCEDPearson Prentice Hall, Biology: Concepts & ConnectionsGreen/ black/ bat
 SCIENCE6211, 6212 CHEMISTRY 1,2Prentice Hall, ChemistryRed/ multi- colored solutions
 SCIENCE6221, 6222 CHEMISTRY 1,2 HONORSGlencoe/McGraw-Hill, Principles of General ChemistryBlue with atoms
 SCIENCE6291, 6292APCHEMISTRY 1,2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTPearson Prentice Hall, Chemistry: The Central ScienceGray/ red triangles
 SCIENCE6311, 6312 PHYSICS 1,2Prentice Hall, Conceptual PhysicsLight blue/ ferris wheel
 SCIENCE6321, 6322 PHYSICS 1,2 ADVANCEDGlencoe, Physics: Principles and Problems, CA EditionRed
 SCIENCE6349, 6350APAP PHYSICS 1 A,BPrentice Hall,PhysicsBlack/ blue/ swimmer
 SCIENCE1155 HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY 1,2Glencoe, Understanding PsychologyBlue/ man's profile
 SCIENCE6834, 6835APPSYCHOLOGY 1,2 ADVANCED PLACEMENTMyers Psychology for AP 2ndGirl on a garden path w/dog


Complete online record of all the books located in our school library.  Search by title, author, keyword, or subject.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7. Because each library creates its own eBook collection, the content you see may vary if you use the database at different libraries (your school, your public library, or your office).

ProQuest eLibrary, History Study Center and ProQuest Learning: Literature
eLibrary - Over 2,000 full-text and multi-media sources

History Study Center - Covers global history from ancient times to the present day. Contents include reference books, essays, journal articles, historical newspaper and magazine articles, maps, rare books, government documents, transcripts of historical speeches, images and video clips. Study Units offer editorially selected material on over 500 historical topics.
History Study Center provides over 40,000 documents and articles, with over 50 reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000 Web sites.

Proquest Learning: Literature - Where students come for the latest word on the authors they study in class and read at home!

An online database with fulltext magazine and newspapers articles, maps. Images, books, transcripts, and multimedia.  Complete citation information provided.  An incredible research tool.

SIRS Researcher:
An online database devoted to “current controversial” issues.  Great for “pro/con” research, debate issues, and persuasive essays.  Also provides citation information.

World Book OnLine:
Four different online encyclopedias under one umbrella! 
  • “Student”—very basic high school student research
  • “Advanced”—for high school/college students.  My favorite.
  • “Discover”—easier reading than student and advanced.  Additional info on teen lifestyle issues
  • “Encicopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos”—Spanish language basic encyclopedia

Discovery Education


Public Library

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Other Libraries and Resources

Library of Congress
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Teen Health and Wellness:

In-depth info you can trust on all kinds of issues most relevant to teens: sex, drugs, STDs, pregnancy, relationship issues.