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Mission, Standards, and Expectations



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Mission: Hoover's Physical Education Philosophy is to produce students that have the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle in their future. Students will learn ways to be fit through strength training, cardiovascular endurance training, team and individual sports. We aim to provide effective instruction regarding fitness, nutrition, health, as well as focusing on life skills that all students need to be successful members in our community.



Standards: The following standards will be used to guide instruction. Multiple assessments of student learning will be conducted throughout the term. Results of student’s achievement will be given every 4 to 5 weeks in the form of a progress report or semester grade. Two years of passing grades in Physical Education is required for graduation in all California high schools.  Students who fail to earn both a passing grade in PE AND pass the FITNESSGRAM state test will be enrolled in PE every year until graduation.



  • Students understand and demonstrate competence in physical activities for the following categories: teambuilding, cardiovascular fitness, exercise science, lifetime activities, FITNESSGRAM components, and individual and dual sports.


  • Students will design fitness goals and record and reflect on their progress throughout the school year.


  • Students will acquire knowledge and skills appropriate for social development within their family, community, school, and peer relationships.


  • Students understand nutritional concepts and how nutrition affects: weight control, eating disorders, physical fitness, and lifelong wellness.


Students will demonstrate competency in the above standards through successful completion of the following assessments in order to earn a passing grade in the class:



- Completion of each weekly cardiovascular fitness activity and log entry.



- Successfully passing 4 out of 6 FITNESSGRAM standard competencies.



- Daily and weekly grade based on social responsibility (i.e. Appropriate clothing, participation in class, conduct towards other students and teacher, etc)



- Weekly lab/classroom assignments



- Cardiovascular mile log and FITNESSGRAM progress reflections (midterm)



- Unit assessments based on knowledge and demonstration of various skills used in individual, dual, and team sports.



Materials Needed: Students are required to come to class dressed in an Approved P.E. uniform including athletic shoes and socks. The Hoover P.E. shirt or a plain white t-shirt is mandatory along with any red or black shorts or grey sweatpants. Each student will be assigned a locker for their use during the term, and will need to use a school or self-purchased master lock. No locker sharing is allowed.



Grading: Weekly grades will be posted frequently throughout the semester.  Individual grades will include points based on cardiovascular fitness, social responsibility, assessments, lab assignments, and strength training.



Scale: 90 – 100% = A



80 – 89% = B



70 – 79% = C



60 – 69% = D



Below 60% = F (no PE credit)



Medical Conditions/Absences/Make-Ups: A written note from a parent or guardian is required to excuse or modify students' participation in class due to a current medical condition. A note from a Doctor is required for any student that is not able to participate for three days or more. Any time that a student is not able to participate in class activities (due to medical excuse or absence) they are required to make-up the activity in order to receive credit for time not participating. Hoover P.E. follows all Hoover Attendance Policies; When a student receives an unexcused absence, the only way to clear this absence is to attend Hoover Saturday School. This unexcused absence can then be made up through teacher approved make-up assignments.



P.E. Policies: The following is expected of all students.



  • Respect Yourself, Others, Equipment, Hoover!


  • Students will meet in the assigned roll call area 10 minutes after period begins.


  • Water is encouraged. There is no food, drink, gum or sunflower seeds in any P.E. facility.


  • Students are expected to care for and maintain all equipment and facilities. Any broken or lost equipment due to failure to follow class guidelines will be the student's financial responsibility.


  • Any student who does not have their uniform will be issued a “loaner” uniform.  


  • There is absolutely no electronics allowed during class unless otherwise noted by the teacher. No cell phones, video, music or video games devices. Electronics will be confiscated and handles according to Hoover H.S. non-negotiable policies.  No picture-taking inside the locker rooms or during class.



Locker Room Policies: The following is expected of each student. If students do not follow these rules they will lose their locker room privileges.



  • Each student will be assigned a locker for the term. It is not OK to share lockers.


  • Students must register their lock combination with their teacher in case of an emergency.


  • Locks:


    • We recommend Master Combination Locks.


    • Cheaper locks are unreliable and easily broken into.


    • Key locks are not allowed. Students easily lose key.


  • Big Lockers are only to be used during class time. After class return all PE clothes to assigned small locker.


  • To promote students' privacy, cell phones and video recorders will not be tolerated in the locker room at any time.


Locker Room Disclaimer: Lockers are provided for students to store their clothes and books while in PE class. Hoover H.S. is not responsible for loss of any valuables (cell phones, mp3 players, jewelry, money, lap top computers, books, clothes, etc.) If your student has something of value, they should turn it into the teachers office before class, practice, or athletic event.