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Hoover High School Academies 2016-17

Hoover High School is proud to offer a wide variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) focused small learning communities. Each academy offers access to rigorous college-prep course work, while integrating electives that center on a theme that interests students. Teams of teachers in each academy plan thematic units of project-based learning experiences that are interdisciplinary in nature, allowing students to "connect the dots" between their "core content" classes, and their electives. In addition, academy teams meet regularly with industry advisory boards, who work to authenticate these learning experiences, and to help insure that they are rigorous, relevant, and that they are helping to prepare students for the demands of entry-level work, and post-secondary courses of study in their respective fields. Academy students engage in a variety of workplace experiences (job shadows, guest speaking events, hands-on learning activities, industry mentors, etc.)

AOIT (Academy of Information Technology)

The Academy of Information Technology is one of the three major programs sponsored by the National Academy Foundation which provides students with knowledge of technology and its ever expanding universe. The Academy of Information Technology gives students the chance to earn college credits dealing with technology while still in secondary education. Click Here for Application


ALMA (Academy of Literature, Media, & Arts)

The restyled Academy of Literature, Media, & Arts is committed to providing aspiring students the opportunity to explore their interests through art, drama, music, or writing.  Our new connection to the arts community will allow our students to interact with working actors, artists, musicians and writers.  Our staff will inspire students to create their own vision in order to grow academically and artistically.   The arts are important for our students.  It is part of who they are, and it comes from their soul.


AHHC (Academy of Health & Healthier Communities/Faces for the Future)

Faces for the Future is a health professions internship partnership. Students perform their internships at Children's Hospital in coordination with their course work at Hoover High. The goals of the program are for students to become interested in careers in health care and to continue their health career education at a college or university.


SABE (Sustainable Academy of Building & Engineering)

Under what the school calls the Sustainable Academy of Building & Engineering course sequence, which teachers here refer to as the SABE program, the 70 or so students enrolled in the effort take English, Earth science, geometry, algebra, world history, woodworking, literature and green technology classes that are interrelated with the projects they create. For example, students making furniture use algebra and geometry in their design work and English in writing up a project proposal. World history lessons would be incorporated into researching the evolution of tables, chairs and cabinets.