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AP Parent Night Presentation January 23, 2019

  • Why AP?
  • How Will AP Help?
  • Benefits of AP
  • Courses & Supports Offered
  • Teacher & Student Input

Click here to Learn about the benefits of AP classes, success rate to graduate college, supports for students inrolled in AP classes. 


Below is the AP outreach video that was created for our AP Student assembly and AP parent night.

AP Outreach Video

Alumni info from video:
NAME: University (Hoover Class of)

Amanda Leutmixay: UCLA (2016)
Anadela Navarrete: UCLA (2016)
Angie Muller: SDSU (2016)
Cristobal Navarrete: UCLA (2016)
Jennifer Bui: Brown (2016)
Rodrigo Carbajal: SDSU (2013)
Vanessa Son: SDSU (2016)
Victor Nguyen: UCLA (2016

This video was created by Mr. Michener with assistance of Jonathan Burgos.