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ALMA is dedicated to providing students with a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum, which inspires academic and artistic excellence for a culturally diverse population.We are committed to a personalized atmosphere of self-esteem, respect,enthusiasm and cooperation.


Advocate how essential the arts are in education in order to expand our knowledge and understanding, to learn from each other and inspire one another, to share our gifts through dance, music, drama, literature, and visual art, and create a compassionate, diplomatic and respectful community accessible to all.

ALMA Goals
  • Promote a climate of learning where all students and staff have the opportunity to develop their potential in both the arts and academics by fostering personal growth and recognizing and providing for individual differences and learning styles.
  • Prepare students to be life-long learners, diplomatic, responsible and productive members of the community through relevant curriculum and experiences.
  • Create an academy climate of collegiality, trust, respect, shared decision-making and open experiences.
  • Incorporate community resources into the curriculum, encourage student involvement in the community and renewed parent involvement in the school.
  • Provide staff and students with a variety of technologies to acquire information and enhance their learning and understanding.
  • Allow academy students and teachers to give back to the entire school a rich variety of ethnic and cultural experiences through the arts.