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Yearbook prices

YEARBOOKS for the 2019-20 school year are on sale at the Finance Office. 
Last day to purchase a yearbook is February 14, 2020 
Prices are: 
Aug. 27-Nov 1st 
$80 w/ ASB card
$85 without ASB CARD

Nov 2nd- Dec 1st
$85 w/ ASB card
$90 without ASB CARD

Dec 2nd- Feb 14
$90 w/ ASB card
$95 without ASB CARD

Session ID and Access Code

  • Where do I find my session ID and access code?
    • There are three ways to locate your session ID and access code:
      • The session ID and access code are included in your proof set. 
      • If you provided your email address at the time of your session, we will include them in your “Welcome” email from Prestige Portraits.
      • If you have already added the images to your account, login and click the SHARE PORTRAIT PROOFS link at the bottom of your proofs page. Enter the email address of the person with whom you are sharing. We’ll send them a link to your student’s images. They can mark their favorite poses and items.  They can also place an order if they wish.
    • If you still need assistance in locating these credentials please contact Customer Service via live online chat or phone at 1-800-736-4775.

Yearbook Pose

  • Looking to select a Yearbook Pose?
    • If you are the first person to claim images for a portrait session, you will have access to select the yearbook pose for that session. Others that claim the session after you will not have access to the yearbook selection screen.
    • If your yearbook requires you to select more than one pose, you can select your poses by contacting Customer Service via live chat.
  • How do I select my Yearbook Pose?
    • Once you have claimed your proofs:
      • Click “View Proofs”.
      • Look for the “Select your Yearbook Portrait” box.
      • Click “Select Pose” to open the selection panel.
      • View Yearbook acceptable images by using the slider arrows in the pop up window.
      • Once the large preview shows the pose you want to select for your yearbook, click “Submit Portrait” at the bottom of the window.
      • Confirm your choice by clicking “Yes, Submit Portrait.”
      • Your pose selection will be displayed on your proof page in the Yearbook Portrait box.
  • How do I change my Yearbook Pose?
    • Once you’ve made a yearbook pose selection, you cannot change it online. However, as long as your school’s yearbook selection deadline has not passed, you can change your pose selection by contacting Customer Service via live.