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Student ID Cards

ALL students are required to have a current year Henry Student IDcard with them at all times while on campus.  This requirement also applies when attending school sponsored events, such as sporting events or dances.  Students must show their ID any time a Henry staff member requests to see it.  Penalties for violating these rules may include (but not be limited to) after school detention.

Students are given a “grace period” till September 30th to obtain their ID card for the current year.  After that date, penalties will apply.  Students new to Henry (registered after September 30th) have 7 days from their first day of attending class to obtain their ID card without penalty.


Replacement ID cards 

The first ID card issued is free.  Replacements for lost, damaged, or defaced ID cards cost $5 and can only be obtained from Mr. Garrison in room 405.  Requests for a replacement ID may be obtained from Mr. Garrison in room 405.  The request must be accompanied by the $5 replacement fee or no card will be issued


Times to obtain a replacement ID

Mondays 7:15am – 8:10am
Monday-Friday: Student Lunch period  

No ID cards will be issued during class or after school.