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Scholarships and Grants for College and Career Training

It's free money, and it's waiting for you. There are many programs offering scholarships and grants for higher education. The state of California may lower tuition at public colleges -- just for you. And the nation's largest public university system, Cal State, offers priority enrollment status to many youths, including those who have experienced homelessness or have been in the foster-care system. So start the treasure hunt right here:

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Scholarships worth > $5,000
Cal Colleges
Source for college planning.

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CalGrant Workshops
Guide to making
college reachable.

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Good resource for children of military personnel
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Guide to getting into the state university system
Former foster youth graduates
Chafee Grants
: Up to $5,000 for foster youth.
Fast Web
: Scholarship and internship information.
(Guide to scholarships)
US DE Logo. Department of Education College aid information clearinghouse
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California Student Aid Commission.
Resources on grants and scholarships.
Official state program for scholarships and grants. Find out how you can qualify.
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National Association for Education of Homeless Children and Youth.Providing resources to make college a reality.