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Patrick Henry Computer Lab


Location: Room 405 
Phone: x4405
The computer lab is open for use by students and staff on all school days, with some exceptions.  See the hours and exceptions below.  Teachers wishing to bring their classes to the lab should make a reservation before doing so.


Reservations for use by teachers for their classes are made in advance by contacting the Computer Lab Aide, Mr. Garrison, either by email or phone (x4405). Teachers may also come to the computer lab and fill out a reservation form.  Review the Reservations list to see what time slots are available. In case of identical time slot requests, preference will be given to the teacher with the earliest request - according to order of phone messages, or time/date on email or reservation form. When making your reservation please indicate the number of students you will be bringing to the lab.  Special seating arrangement (ie., working with partners, in pairs, etc.) -  please notify Mr. Garrison ahead of time and have the students line up outside by groups, so that they may be assigned their seats accordingly when they enter the lab.


Click on the 'Lab Rules' tab at left for a list of the rules for using the Comouter Lab.  Click on the link below for a printable copy of the SDUSD Acceptable Use Policy / Network Contract.  A copy of this contract MUST be on file in the office of  Patrick Henry’s Network Administrator, room 407.
All students must have IDs and user passwords to use the computers.   Students are to have their IDs out when they arrive at the lab and they will be assigned seats once they have entered the lab.  Students who do not have passwords are to remain outside the door until their teacher arrives; at that time a determination will be made about these students.
For more information on San Diego Unified's policies concerning computer use and the privileges and responsibilities of using any district network resourse, please refer to SDUSD's Administrative Procedure #4580


Monday – Friday:  7:00 am – 12:00 pm
Exceptions: The computer lab is closed:
  1. During final exams.
  2. During specialized testing that requires exclusive use of the lab.