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Inquire Course Catalog

Inquire is published to inform students and parents about our excellent academic program of course offerings and opportunities for academic and personal growth.
As our students prepare for graduation, higher education and future careers, we want to provide as much information as possible about course selections and pathways students may choose as they pursue their learning interests and goals.
We encourage students to plan a challenging course of study to prepare for college and a future career. Students are also strongly encouraged to take at least one Advanced Placement course in grades 11 and 12.
Along with a strong academic program, participation in clubs, athletics, the arts and other school activities will provide our students an opportunity to grow into thoughtful, caring, informed young adults who will achieve their academic and personal goals in life.

Please read the course offerings carefully, seek guidance from our counselors, and select your classes carefully. Our counselors can help in course selections that will support high school graduation and university admission. 
Patrick Henry High has an outstanding staff, traditions of excellence, and wonderful students who care about their education. The more students participate in the clubs, activities, and leadership opportunities Patrick Henry High has to offer, the better prepared they will be as future adults and leaders.
Plan well, choose carefully, and enjoy a balance of academics and activities.

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