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Our Mission

Our Mission

To educate all students in a positive, integrated setting to become responsible, literate, concerned and contributing members of a global, technological society through excellence in teaching and learning.






Practice Personal Responsibility and Respect

  • Take responsibility for one’s actions

  • Show respect for self, others, and property

  • Be punctual, present, and prepared

  • Make healthy choices

  • Understand and participate in the democratic process

  • Exemplify the 3 pillars



CommunicateInformation Effectively


  • Analyze and interpret multiple sources and media
  • Use growth mindset, practice perseverance
  • Use evidence-based logic
  • Master 21st century technology appropriately as a tool for lifelong learning
  • Verify, use, and cite credible sources
  • Practice ethical digital citizenship and academic integrity
  • Participate in Collaborative Conversations
  • Develop confidence in communicating, personally and publicly
  • Listen actively, reflectively, critically




Integrate Individual, Cultural, & Global Sensitivity


  • Celebrate and respect cultural and individual diversity; be open to change

  • Address local and global concerns and issues

  • Acknowledge and empathize with the emotions and opinions of others

  • Cultivate an understanding of and respect for differences




Demonstrate Critical Thinking & the Ability to Analyze


  • Use resources to creatively identify and solve problems

  • Integrate prior knowledge to question presented information

  • Establish understanding through application