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How to Find Student Grades

How to Find Student Grades


Sunbather in quadDon't be caught by surprise. You can track student grades easily through the Web. Henry teachers use the PowerSchool grading software.

PowerSchool is Web-accessible with a personalized user identification system. It displays grades for all student classes with teachers using that system.

How/When do you get a password? All Henry students will be given a copy of the district required SDUSD Network Acceptable Use and Responsibility Contract authorization form as part of their student registration packet each spring.  Incoming 9th grade students will use the same ID & password that they used in middle school.  Students new to SDUSD will receive their ID & password at the time they enroll to attend Patrick Henry. 

This form must be completed and signed by both parents/guardians and students in order for the student to receive their Identification number and password to access the system. Students will receive their passwords when the signed form is returned to the Technical Coordinator’s office in room 407.

What if I am a returning 10th, 11th or 12th grader? All returning students will use their existing usernames and passwords from the previous year.

Forgot your password? If a student forgets their password, they should come to the counseling office to request a password.

What does the system show? The PowerSchool system also lets you view your student"s class schedule, attendance, 6-week and report card marks.