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All students in the San Diego Unified School District receive a quality education based on policies and programs set by each school, the Board of Education, state and federal governments.

A number state and federal regulations govern school programs. Click on the links to find out more information about these programs, which include:


Henry Programs and Services


Business/Community Partnerships

The Partnerships in Education Program (PIE), is a district-sponsored effort to form collaborative arrangements between schools and organizations, such as businesses, government agencies and military commands, as well as service, educational and cultural community organizations. Established in 1982, partnerships focus on human resources rather than the donation of funds. Read more »

Choice Program

The San Diego Unified School District Choice Program provides students with the opportunity to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. The school choice program allows students to apply to any school within the San Diego Unified School District, with the exception of Magnet Schools. Read more »

Closed Campus

The Board of Education of the San Diego Unified School District has adopted a “closed campus” policy. “Closed campus” means that students are not allowed off campus during the lunch period. Additionally, the parking lot is off limits to students between classes and at lunchtime.

District Counselor

The district counselor assesses emotional and behavioral issues of children and how they impact their attainment of educational goals. He/she may see students in a small group setting or individually on a short-term basis.


Gift and Talented Education (GATE) is a California Program which provides challenging curriculum and instruction to identified students. Students are identified by district psychologists who administer tests to all 2nd graders and students who are new to our school in grades 3, 4 and 5. The results determine placement in the GATE program for the following year and through grade 12.

GATE cluster classes contain groupings of gifted and high-achieving students in a classroom with a GATE certified teacher. GATE funds are used to design and deliver supplemental differentiated programs. Read more »

Health Office

The nurse is available in the Health Office five days a week. A student wishing to see the nurse during class time must obtain a pass from his/her teacher. No pass is necessary during the lunch period. California State law requires that any medication brought from home to be administered at school should be labeled with the student’s name, name of the medication, dosage and hours to be taken. Prescription medicines must be in their original containers. All medications must be left with the nurse. Students needing PE medical excuses should bring his/her doctor’s note to the nurse. In addition to her other responsibilities, the nurse is available to students as a medical resource.


We are proud to have a school library containing a wonderful collection of fiction, non-fiction and reference materials. The library provides resources to teachers and parents, and teaches students library and research skills.

Federal Elementary and Secondary School Act

This federal education law affects districts in four basic ways: Greater accountability for results, increased district flexibility for spending federal money, expanded options for parents and increased emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven to work.

These changes support the district"s current focus on delivering a strong standards-based educational program designed to improve student achievement in the gateway skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Read more »


Driving and parking on campus is a privilege granted to students by the school. All sections of the California Vehicle Code apply on school grounds as do Municipal Codes. All cars on campus must display a valid parking permit issued in the main office. Parking permits will be issued the first day of school and throughout the school year.

Physical Education

Students participate an outstanding physical education program. While actively participating in age-appropriate physical activities, students are taught sportsmanship skills.

Resource Teacher

The learning disabilities resource teacher serves as a member of the Instructional Study Team to assess the academic needs of students. If students qualify, a program is designed to meet their needs.

School Psychologist

The school psychologist serves as a member of the school team to assess the academic and emotional/behavioral needs of students recommended by their classroom teacher and school administration.

Special Education and Supportive Services

Parents may request that a district psychologist and resource specialist evaluate their child for learning disabilities. Requests are to be made to the principal. The IST (Instructional Study Team) meets with parent(s)/guardian(s) to determine the appropriateness of the request. Read more »

Speech & Language Specialist

The speech and language specialist assesses children who require additional support in developing communication skills appropriate to their ability/age level. If the student qualifies, the speech and language pathologist creates an individualized program for the student and provides the needed support.

Voluntary Ethnic Enrollment Program

Voluntary Ethnic Enrollment Program. (VEEP) Families voluntarily choose to have their children attend our school instead of their local, neighborhood school. Read more »