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Go beyond the classroom and your school with Community Service. You"ll be volunteering your time with a local group, experiencing real life off campus and helping your neighbors. Projects have included:a and the with be included: have projects neighbors. your helping campus off life real experiencing group, local time volunteering you?ll service. community school classroom beyond>
  • Science students studying earthquakes and assembling earthquake preparedness kits. They distribute the kits and teach local residents how to develop earthquake preparedness plans.
  • Language Arts students providing cross-age bilingual tutoring and translation services.
  • Social Studies students examining the responsibilities and rights of citizens and organize a "Get Out and Vote" campaign or volunteer as student poll workers.
  • Math students incorporating geometric principles in designing wheelchair ramps for community access.
  • Art students making seasonal decorations for senior centers, nursing homes,shelters, etc.
  • Technology school students designing and maintaining web sites for local non-profit organizations.