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Ext. 2212 – enrollment questions, transfers, drops.

Ext. 2213 to report absences, blue slips.

Ext. 2245 bilingual Spanish and to report absence, blue slips requests.


  • Please send a NOTE with your student stating the reason they are leaving, the time they should be let out of class, a phone number where you can be reached and your signature (and relationship to student).  Your student will be handed their “Blue Slip” release at that time and they will be ready to go.

  • If you CALL and leave a voice mail — Please be aware that you need to call at least 2 hours prior to the release time. ALSO your student will need to COME TO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE to pick up their “Blue Slip”. 

  • If you walk in to get your student released — please be aware depending on your child’s schedule, you may have up to a 30 minute wait.  Students cannot be released from their PE class. 

It is the student's responsibility to make sure absencesare cleared with teachers and with the Attendance Office. Absences must becleared within FIVE days. If not, they automatically become unexcused absences.Handwritten notes or a phone call from the parent or guardian are required toclear all absences. When a student returns to school after an absence, notesmust be presented at the Attendance Office.
Parents will be notified of absences with our AutodialerSystem. The call is placed on the day of the absence.
The following categories of absence will be applied:

1. (I) Excused absencedue to illness, medical, or dental appointment. This is the only category forwhich the student can make up missed work.

2. (E) Excused absencefor personal reasons:  Court Appearances,Funeral/Death in family, Family emergency (situation needs to be stated).   Citizenship will not be penalized for thesereasons. Teachers will provide an opportunity for the student to make up missedwork.

3. (U) Unexcused absence with the knowledge of parents but forreasons not approved by the district. The responsibility for the make-up ofmissed work, if granted by the teacher, rests entirely with the student.  Unexcused absences include: on vacation, out of town, car problems,  waking up late, traffic, dropping offsiblings, missed the school or city bus, etc.

4. (Z) TRUANT is an absence not approved by the parents or theschool. Teachers may require work to be made up but need not grant studentrequests for permission to make up work. Other penalties may be imposed fortruancy and citizenship may be affected.

*Absolutely no student is to be off campus without signing out of school at the Attendance or Nurse’s Office via a blue slip form.  You will be considered Truant.


If your student will be out of school for 5 days or moredue to a trip or illness a contract can be requested.  You must request a contract TWO weeks priorto the time you will be gone.  Pleasenote the student cannot have any D’s or F’s in order to be approved.  It is the students responsibility to workwith the Attendance office in fulfilling all the steps required for acontract.  Failure to comply with all stepsin the completion of the contract will result in it being VOIDED.
Excessive Absences Due to Illness
As stated in the district’s Administrative Procedure 6150 and asrecommended by the District Medical Consultant, if a student misses any fiveschool days in a four-week period due to illness, a written verification ofillness must be provided by a doctor or dentist. If the student has anunderlying health condition, the nurse needs to be notified to assist theparent with meeting the student’s needs at school.

Truancy Policy
Leaving school grounds without a blue slip is a truancywhich can not be cleared. School initiated absences (i.e. field trips, athleticevents, etc.) will be considered excused if approved by the teacher andadministration. Requests for release (blue slips) for Medical and dentalappointments, except in emergencies, should be made 24 hours in advance.Students must bring a note to the office before school or during lunch toobtain a blue slip. Every effort should be used to make medical appointmentsduring after school hours. The only legal way for a student to leave the schoolgrounds at any time during the school day is to secure a blue off-grounds pass,issued by a school official.

Multiple period or all day unexcused absences will resultin the assignment of Saturday School by the Attendance Coordinator, Counseloror Vice Principal. Students with uncleared absences may not be allowed toparticipate in specified school activities for the semester in which theyoccur. There is no Senior ditch day.

Students' access to the parking lot is limited to beforeand after school. The parking lot is off limits at any other time during theschool day.

Tardiness Policy
Henry High has created a school tardy policy in order toreduce the number of students who are tardy to their classes. Tardiness takesaway from the educational process for both the tardy student and the rest ofthe class due to the disruption that late students cause. This is a school-widepolicy. Students may have citizenship grades lowered due to excessivetardiness. Each teacher will provide students with a copy of their expectationsand course requirements.

The Attendance Office will not accept parents' excuses fortardiness other than those of a medical or legal reason. Oversleeping,transportation problems, or personal excuses cannot be accepted. Studentsarriving 30 minutes late for class will be recorded as an unexcused absence andif not cleared, a period truancy will be recorded and Saturday School will beassigned.

Saturday School
Saturday Schoolis an opportunity for students to make up time they have missed due toabsences. Saturday School is staffed by credentialed teachers who are ready andwilling to tutor your child on their school work. It operates frommid-September through mid-May on selected Saturdays from 7:55 a.m. untill noon.Students may be assigned Saturday School for unexcused absences, or mayvoluntarily come to clear excused absences. It does not necessarily removetruancies from individual classes for the purposes of grade calculations byteachers. Students who have more than one truancy may be put on an attendancecontract. Students may be suspended for violation of the contract. Students whodo not attend assigned Saturday school will remain on the LOP list. EachSaturday school clears one full day of absence. Notices to class and phonecalls home are provided as reminders to students but it is the student’sresponsibility to attend. Students may attend without receiving a notice orphone call.

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Change of Address
Ifyour last name, street address, telephone number, or parent/guardian changes atany time during the school year, please notify the attendance officeimmediately. Please bring proof of new residency (utility bill, etc).  This is very important in keeping our recordsup to date and also to contact a parent or guardian in case of an emergency. Bylaw, it is the responsibility of the parent to maintain accurate information onfile at school.