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Advanced Placement: Get College Credit

Henry AP Testing Policies

  • $89 fee for each AP exam
  • Reduced fees for some students on free and reduced lunch program.  Fee is $5.
  • No AP tests for AP courses not offered at Patrick Henry.
  • It is possible for a student to take an AP exam for a course he/she is not enrolled, with prior permission from Ms. Kern in Counseling Office.
  • Exam registration from February to March. to be announced. 
  • No late exams given for student athletes.
  • AP students receive weighted credit grades for the course, regardless of whether they take the AP tests or note.

Our new policy is designed to help students be more successful in tackling AP tests. Students required to sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Review the AP booklet distributed to them. (Students who did not get a booklet should see Ms. Walsh in the Counseling Office.)
  • Share AP information with parents / guardians
  • Never discuss the multiple choice questions on the AP exam
  • Never discuss the free response questions for the first 48 hours after the exam.
  •  Pay $13 for the cost of an unused exam if it is not taken.
The following items are strictly PROHIBITED in the testing room:
  • No backpacks allowed in testing room. Students with backpacks will be turned away to secure backpacks in another location, but test start is not delayed.
  • No books or other materials allowed in testing room.
  • No cellphones, headphones, and PDA"s.
  • No electronic devices of any kind in the testing room. (Exception for AP-approved calculators for the Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics exams).
  • Under College Board rules, students caught with a cellphone or other electronic device after the test state will be asked to leave, their test score and district weighted credit will be cancelled, and the scores of other students may be put in jeopardy of losing credit, fees and more.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

These challenging classes are proven successful in getting students college-ready. And the classes can mean saving lots of money and time by gaining those college credits early, while still in high school.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program consists of college-level courses and corresponding end-of-course examinations. It offers high school students the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at participating colleges and universities across the country.

AP courses cover a range of subject areas -- as many as 28 on some campuses -- including art and music, language and literature (English and other languages), mathematics, science, and history and social science.

AP examinations are developed by the College Board, a nationally recognized organization that also runs the SAT testing program. Students take AP tests in May. Tests consist of an open-response section (essay or problem-solving) and multiple choice questions.
Exceptions to this test format include: (1) AP Studio Art, which is a portfolio assessment; (2) world language tests, which have a speaking component; and (3) AP Music Theory, which includes a sight-singing task. For more information, please see the College Board AP website.

AP tests will be held in May. Students must pay for their own AP exams, $89 each with a reduced rate fee ($5) waiver available for some students on free and reduced lunch program.   

While there is a fee to take AP tests, consider that in comparison to the cost of a college course, where the textbooks alone can cost hundreds of dollars, the AP fee is often far less expensive.

What to Bring on the Day of the Test?

Bring a photo ID (PHHS ID card, or driver"s license with picture

Your Social Security number if you want it included in your AP records
Several #2 pencils
Several pens with blue or black ink
AP-approved calculator for the Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics exams

Students may bring a snack which MUST be in a clear plastic zip-lock bag with their name written on it. Snacks will be placed in a box as you enter the testing room and passed out during break.

Testing Schedule: Arrival times will be announced closer to test dates. Students will be assigned to rooms alphabetically for tests in more than one room. Room locations will be posted here at least one week prior to the test.