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Activities, Facilities Use, and Fundraisers

Activity approval:

PHHS events impact campus security, campus cleanliness, campus resources such as parking and rooms, and the work of office staff who handle parents' questions or who need to locate students/staff.

For these reasons, any event that takes place on the PHHS campus or that involves PHHS students/resources offsite should be pre-approved using an activity request form. 

If the activity is a field trip, please first see the Administrative Aide, Lorrie Harper, in the main office.

Please click here for the activity request form. 

The form can be saved to your desktop and then you can type into the form, Save As, and send via email.  Paper copies are also accepted.  You can add or attach notes and diagrams as needed, and you can specify first and second choices for location.

If funds will be raised, a fundraiser form (see below) should be attached to the activity form.

If you are a non-district organization wanting to use PHHS facilities you would obtain approval through the district Real Estate & Rentals department.

How to start planning an event:

1. Please check the appropriate PHHS calendar(s) for a date/time/location that appears to be available for your needs.  On the PHHS website homepage there are links to the master calendar, the year-at-a-glance calendar, and the athletics calendar. 

2. Please submit the activity form (and fundraiser form if applicable) to the administrative assistant. 

That's it.

The administrative assistant checks for conflicts and suggests alternatives if there are conflicts, obtains Admin approval, and then adds the activity to the calendar(s) and lets all appropriate PHHS staff know about the activity and the set-up needed.  Approval usually takes one or two days; you will hear back right away if there is some concern with the activity.


All fundraisers that take place on the PHHS campus or use Patrick Henry High School's name need to be pre-approved by the school administration.  The form that you use depends on where the proceeds go.  If the proceeds go to an ASB account, please use the ASB Fundraiser form.  If the proceeds go to a PHHS Foundation or Booster account, please use the nondistrict organization fundraiser form.

On-campus food fundraiser Resource page: https://www.sandiegounified.org/competitivefoods

Other fundraising ideas: https://www.sandiegounified.org/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/food_and_nutrition_services/HealthyFundraisingResources_0.pdf


The admin assistant can help with getting the word out about your event through the Bulletin, the website, PeachJar, or School Messenger.   The website is in need of good photos (landscape orientation, 880 x 500 min. resolution) and articles, if you'd like to send something after your event.


Thank you,

John Ortler

Administrative Assistant


619-286-7700  ext. 2231