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Agenda for Upcoming SSC/Governance Team Meeting

2018-2019 Agendas



Monday, September 24, 2018/2:40 p.m./Hardy Elementary Room 8


HardyLogoSchool Site Council (SSC) AGENDA


Chairperson:  Chris Bailey                                         Secretary:  Carrie Perez




Welcome/Call to order/Introductions




Review minutes from 5/14/18 meeting





Visitors allotted two minutes to present concerns

(In the event that there are more than five speakers, allotted time is reduced to one minute.)

INFORMATION ITEM: District Advisory Committee (DAC) Update: 9/19/18




INFORMATION ITEM: Review SPSA Goals for 2018-19, current achievement and attendance data




ACTION ITEM: Approve Title 1 Parent & Family Engagement Policy




ACTION ITEM: Approve School Parent Compact




ACTION ITEM: Approve 2018-19 Safety Criterion/Site Safety Plan




Agenda items for next meeting:

Review SPSA Goals for 2018-19, end of year achievement and attendance data





NEXT MEETING:      October 22, 2018, 2:40 p.m.






May 14, 2018/3:20 pm/Room 8


HardyLogoGovernance Team AGENDA










Discuss/modify/vote on:

o   Budget


o   Instructional Program


o   Curriculum


o   Staff Development


o   Staff/Administrative Selection


o   School Calendar: planning for 2018-19


o   Parent/Community Involvement


o   Schedules


o   Student Conduct/Discipline


o   School Site Wellness Committee—Update on Site Action Plan for 2017-18




Agenda items for September, 2018  meeting