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Our Staff

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with an average of 20 years of experience.
NamePhone Ext.PositionRoomDirect Line
Grijalva, Diana3001PrincipalOffice 
Segerstrom, Monica3021Elementary School AssistantOffice 
Alva-Sanchez, Leticia3025School ClerkOffice 
Santos, Irene3022Attendance AssistantOffice 
Classroom Teachers
Agbahiwe, Uchenna23042nd Grade Teacher304 
Annett, Kayleigh3100Kindergarten TeacherK3 
Bognatz, Nancy22513rd Grade Teacher (GATE)251 
Breen, Brendan21534th/5th Grade Teacher (GATE)153 
Fairchild, Catrina3105Kindergarten TeacherK4 
Fillion, Paulette22523rd Grade Teacher252 
Fontaine, Catherine22032nd Grade Teacher203 
Geyer, Seth23525th Grade Teacher352 
Gomez, Fernando23545th Grade Teacher (BIL)(GATE)354 
Hallaran, Nicole21011st Grade Teacher (JS)101 
Jabaay, John23021st Grade Teacher302 
Klages, Stacie21514th Grade Teacher151 
Maltz, Jenny22012nd Grade Teacher (BIL)201 
McGirr, Sonia22041st Grade Teacher (BIL)204 
Mena, Gilberto22543rd Grade Teacher (BIL)(GATE)254 
Miller, Debera30324th Grade Teacher152 
Miller, Francesca3103Kindergarten Teacher (BIL)K1 
Olson, Daniel22533rd Grade Teacher253 
Ostertag, Ginny21011st Grade Teacher (JS)101 
Pinkney, Lynne3102TK/Kindergarten TeacherK2 
Skuce, Shannon23515th Grade Teacher351 
Slavitt, Diana23032nd Grade Teacher303 
Villalobos, Roberta23534th Grade Teacher (BIL)353 
White, Celeste22021st Grade Teacher202 
Additional Certificated Staff
Aquino, Sandra - sub2301Additional Support Teacher301 
Bechtold, Leo3101Elem Prep Teacher/PE1 
Bermudez, Remigia (Remy)3155Ed Specialist3T, Th
Cafferata, Jeanne3153Ed Specialist53 
Carter, Angela3030Ed Specialist56 
Costello, Stephanie2602State Preschool Cntr Tchr 6(619) 344-6835
Haggerty, Jamie3159Ed Specialist52 
Kaminski, Neta3158Speech/Language Pathologist 58M, Th
McMahon, Cindy3160Occupational Therapist60Varies
Nuza, Cinthya2604State Preschool Cntr Tchr 5(619) 344-6835
Palmer, Dr. Hyyon3053School Psychologist 59T, Th
Ramirez, Kathleen3034Inschool Resource Tchr 102 
Ramirez-Holbrook, Eva3029School Counselor51 
Reyes, Magdalena3036State Preschool Cntr Tchr 3(619) 344-6835
So, Fanny3036ECSE Preschool Cntr Tchr3(619) 344-6835
Sparks, JulieAnn3050School NurseHealth OfficeW, F
Tadeo, Enrique3101Elem Prep Teacher/PE1T, Th
Yee, Lorena3158Speech/Language Pathologist 58 
Classified Staff
Alexander, KatrinaTBDSpec Ed TechnVarious 
Ayon, JosieTBDSpec Ed TechnVarious 
Christiana, LibbyTBDSpec Ed TechnVarious 
Cota, David3066Custodian Crew Ldr6 
Esparza, MariaTBDSpec Ed AsstVarious 
Fleming, Matt3065Building Services Supervisor IIISupply 
Hernandez, Silvia2604Child Dev Cntr Asst 5 
Herrera, MelissaTBDSpec Ed TechnVarious 
Jones, Jakalah3070Library AsstLibraryM, T, Th, F
Kennedy, Debrah3036Spec Ed Techn3 
Lopez, Luis3066CustodianSupply 
Lopez, Olga3060Cafeteria ManagerCafeteria(619) 344-6806
Lua, Raquel-Noon Duty AsstSupervision 
Meza, Fernando3027Community Services Officer11 
Perez, PatriciaTBDSpec Ed AsstVarious 
Rincon, Leticia3036Child Dev Cntr Asst 3 
Rubio, Norma3036Sped Ed Techn3 
Sabory, Blanca-Noon Duty AsstSupervision 
Soria, Gustavo-Noon Duty AsstSupervision 
Torres, Catherine2602Child Dev Cntr Asst 6 
Wilson, Shannon3051Health TechnHealth Office(619) 344-6805
Vacant - Duarte, Christina-Noon Duty AsstSupervision 
Vacant - Gonzalez, Brenda2604Child Dev Cntr Asst 5 
Vacant - Lupercio, Melinda2602Child Dev Cntr Asst 6 
Calvert, Claudia2605Headstart Tchr/Family Support Specialist2(619) 344-6835
Trujillo, Freddie3057Primetime Site Supervisor (619) 857-4349PT Office(619) 344-6815