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Hamilton Reclassifies 40 Students!

On Friday, June 12, 40 Hamilton Heroes were redesignated asFluent English Proficient!  In addition to inspiring speeches fromRepresentative Rudy Vargas-Lima from Councilmember Marti Emerald’s office andLallia  Allali  from the DELAC Board, 10 proud students alsoaddressed the group, sharing their joy and reflecting on the future impact ofreclassification. 

Of the 40 reclassified students, three are first graders,nine second graders, ten third graders, five fourth graders and thirteen 5thgraders. After the ceremony they celebrated with healthy snacks served byHamilton ELAC parents. It was a day to remember!

Hamilton Heroes Reflect onTheir Success:

 Eduardo, 3rdgrade:

It feels very exciting andI’m proud of myself….  My family was very proud and excited for me. Theyalso felt very good because now they told me that I don’t have to take twoEnglish classes in middle school.

 Vanessa, 4th Grade:

I think beingre-classified means that I can do anything I set my mind to. It means that Iwill never give up. I completed the test and that means I got all the questionscorrect and you can participate in a party. You get to have your picture takentoo. I feel happy because it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Italso makes me feel confident that i will be able to pass the 5th grade. Tothose who are yet to pass, I think they should take their time, never give up,and when you get stuck on a problem you can always go back to it later.

 Jesus, 3rdGrade:

For me, it feels like Ihave the chance to be a model for other kids that didn’t get reclassified. Ifeel like it’s a great chance for me to get a good education and have a goodcareer when I grow up. I also think that other kids who didn’t get reclassifiedshould be proud of themselves for trying to do the test and trying theirhardest. My Mom said that I’m a great student and she knows that I will do welland that I can do even better. My Dad thinks that if I try a little harder I’llget even better grades when I get to middle school. I will be able to take anelective instead of taking ELD.

 Anfac,5th Grade

Ifeel happy that I am reclassified. I am happy because I don’t have to takeanymore ELD classes. In high school and in middle school I no longer will haveto take ELD classes, I can take AVID. For those who haven’t been reclassifiedyet, I think they should try hard to pass the test. People should try toencourage others to be reclassified. My sister tried to be reclassified butcould not reach her goal, so I just keep motivating her. If you don’t get reclassified,you can make it your number one goal and you can work towards that.

 Angel, 3rdGrade

The things that I do thatI get really good at I keep doing them. For example; I play soccer. I startedplaying and I get better every day. I am excited that I’m not going to have totake the CELDT test anymore. I am also excited that in middle school I can takea class like art or sports. I can start doing more things now that I don’t haveto do the CELDT test. While other people are doing CELDT I can be workingharder and catching up on other things. My family is happy and proud of me.

 Marco,5th Grade

UnderstandingEnglish fluently and being able to speak it is what being reclassified means tome. I am happy that I am reclassified because I don’t have to take ELD anymore.My advice to the other students who have not been reclassified yet is to keeptrying. They should never give up.

 Yamileth, 3rdGrade:

I think it’s cool to bere-classified because they say that when you are re-classified in middleschool, you don’t have to take two English classes. It means that you alreadylearned English and know how to speak well. I told my mom that I wasre-classified after school and she hugged me and she was happy.

 Alan, 3rdGrade:

It feels great to be re-classified.Being reclassified means that you are doing good in school and getting goodgrades. It makes me feel like I’m being a good student and not failing. Nowthat I have been re-classified I know that I can go to middle school andcollege. My mom thinks I’m a good student and always says that I’m going to geta good education and have a good job.

 Amina, 3rdGrade:

Being re-classified meansthat you don’t have to take any more English tests and you get to take a funclass in middle school. I feel excited and happy about being re-classified. Itwas a little hard for me to be re-classified. I had to study hard. My dad wasproud of me for being re-classified, my mom was happy, and my brothers were alittle jealous.

 Juan, 4thGrade:

I feel happy about beingreclassified. I get the feeling that I accomplished something that is my goal.It’s like if you were all alone and a group of people were on the other side. Ikept trying over and over to get to the other side and finally I made it. Myfamily was excited when I told them. I am the earliest in my family to getre-classified.

 Johan: 5thGrade:

I think reclassified meansthat you are doing well with your language. It means that you are pretty goodat speaking and using advanced words in English. I think it also means that youare doing a good job at school. Reclassified is saying that you’ve done wellspeaking the language. Being reclassified doesn’t mean that you have super goodgrades; it just means that you’ve gotten better at speaking. It’s a great thing,but you shouldn’t brag about it. Just be happy for yourself.

 Precious, 4thGrade

Being re-classified meansthat you passed a test. If you don’t pass it then you have to take it again. Ifelt very happy and excited when I found out I was being re-classified. My momtold me to work harder and so when I kept on working harder and harder, I didwell and passed. My mom said, “wow”, when I told her and was very happy.

 Yudit, 5thGrade

Being reclassified meansthat you are getting a lot better in school and your grades are going up. Italso means that you are an advanced student. When you get reclassified it meansthat you can take whatever class you want when you get to middle school insteadof having to take a special English class. My family feels happy that I wasreclassified and my friends are happy for me too. I also feel happy for myselfbecause I am an advanced student and I will have more options in middle school.My advice to the other students is to try their hardest at school so that theycan also be reclassified and get to enjoy their middle school years. If you getreclassified you shouldn’t brag to others, just be happy for yourself andcontinue to succeed.

Keily, 5th Grade

Re-classified means thatyou are starting to speak English better. In middle school you are going to getoptions for classes you want because you don’t have to take ELD. It also meansthat you are getting good at English. I feel happy because I am going to get topick what kind of classes I get in middle school. I feel proud of myself forgetting better and better at English and doing good in school. My family washappy because I am doing a good job. All it takes is to have hope.

 Nadia, 5thGrade:

Being re-classified meansthat you are a little bit more advanced than other students at your school. Youget reclassified by getting good grades and reading at the level that you aresupposed to be in. I felt happy when I got re-classified because my mom told methat if you get reclassified in elementary school, that you get to choose anelective in middle school and not take double English classes. It took a lot ofwork for me to be reclassified, but if you try hard you can get it earlier too.My mom and dad are very excited and proud of me for achieving the goal that Iam supposed to be in. I got reclassified by the help that my mom gave me andthe support that she gave me.

 Klarissa, 5thGrade:

Being re-classifiedhappens when you get a higher level in learning. I feel happy that I havegotten smarter over the years. I worked really hard to be re-classified.

 Lizet, 5th Grade:

Re-classification is whenyou are good at language. If you can’t speak right or understand the wordsright they are technically teaching you how to speak well. It made me feelreally happy to be re-classified because I have been waiting to be re-classifiedsince third grade. My mom was happy when I told her.

 Cesar, 5th Grade:

Being re-classified islike being advanced or being good at ELD. I feel happy because when you getre-classified you can take fun classes in middle school and you learn more thatway. I told my family and they thought it was awesome. I’m glad I gotre-classified because I put a lot of effort into it.