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Transportation and Bus Stops and Times


SDUSD uses electronic Z passes for all bus riders. These passes are a one time issue and last through high school transportation. For new riders, passes will be sent home by October.
Transportation Pamphlet 
Unless you have verification of "free and reduced lunch" status, and have a "no pay" status for transportation that accompanies that, all bus riders must have paid in full before being allowed to ride the bus. If you have applied and have not received confirmation of your status, you will be required to pay in full up front, then can apply for a refund with the Transportation Department. This requirement begins the first day of school. Parents are to arrived 10 minutes early for drop off and pick up and be on the bus side of the street
If you have Issues with:

- Your child's bus driver
- Concerns about a late bus or
- Any issues concerning the bus or transportation guidelines, etc.....
- Times of arrivals if the bus is late

Please contact the City School's main Transportation Department directly at 858-496-8460. Department Website
**Please note that every Friday, TSFs (Transported Student Forms)  are sent home only if your child has a stop time change. Please review them for the updated information and be aware of any changes reflected on the TSFs. Remember you need to be at the Bus Stop 10 minutes prior to assigned pick-up time!
Once the bus leaves the school the school is not in contact with the bus and may not have accurate information concerning late arrivals or reasons of delayed arrivals. The school may give parents a courtesy call if they know the bus left the school late, but after that, the school in unaware of any incidences that may cause further delays. Please call the transportation department at 858-496-8460 to receive the most updated bus stop arrival times if the bus is lateIMPORTANT

Effective 2/22/17


Green Elementary handles all issues related to behavior of Green School students on the bus and any changes in address pickup.

If your child is not going to ride the bus on a particular day, parents need to let the office know at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the school day so we do not hold the bus up looking for your child. Please also let the office know if your child has signed up for an after school program. Thank you!
Riding the School Bus is a privilege. We expect all students riding the bus to demonstrate safe behaviors at all times:
  • Use the handrail to get on and off the bus
  • Follow the driver's instructions the first time
  • Be respectful to students and adults
  • Remain seated facing forward when the bus is in motion at all times
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus
  • Do not lower or raise the windows
  • Do not put arms outside the windows
  • Speak softly, use quiet voices and appropriate language
  • Do not throw anything on the bus or out the window
  • Do not bring electronic games or tape-players on the bus
  • If a student has a problem we expect the student to talk to the driver about the concern, prior to bringing it to the attention of the school

Protocol for Bus Behavior

  • The driver has the right to assign seats on the bus
  • If the student does not comply with posted/expected bus rules, a referral describing the incident occurs
  • Parents will be contacted every time a driver identifies a student with inappropriate behavior
  • School or parents can arrange a conference to solve problems that arise on the bus

Disciplinary Action on the bus If a student's behavior is unacceptable, or the above rules are broken, the driver will write a referral and give it to the transportation liaison. The following action will be taken:

  • 1st Referral – A parent contact is made. Warning or possible bus riding suspension
  • 2nd Referral – Parent contact made. Warning or possible bus riding suspension
  • 3rd Referral – One or two day bus suspension at the discretion of the principal
  • 4th Referral – Two to five day bus riding suspension
  • 5th Offense – Possible balance of school year bus suspension
  • Threatened or actual bodily harm – Immediate student suspension