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Green Elementary is a unique school where we have a family feel and work together to accomplish this by making Green a safe place with unique opportunities for Green Students. Green Elementary's PTA and Foundation are one of the main ways we accomplish many of our missions here at Green Elementary. The following are additional needs that our school has where we need adult participation to further accomplish these goals.crossing guard
Morning Crossing Guards: The crosswalk on the corner of Wandermere and Green Gables has many challenges including people rushing to work and Patrick Henry High School zooming by...often, not noticing we have families and students in the crosswalk. We need adult volunteers who will be trained by the SDUSD police department of how to help families/students cross the street safely. If you would like to participate at least one morning a week, please contact Debra Frank at dfrk28@aol.comor or call at (619) 665-1269
running club
Running Club
: Volunteers to scan the students running club cards from 9:30am - 9:50am. Please contact Beth Churchill at echurchill@sandi.net or 619-460-5755 if you are interested. One day a week is all we need!