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Tardy Policy

To encourage promptness and minimize disruption to the classroom instruction, the middle school tardy policy lowers citizenship grades for repeated and excessive tardiness.  As stated in District Procedure 4710 (Citizenship Grading) section C2a, “citizenship marks are reflections of the teacher’s impression of the general behavior, attitudes, values, and habits of an individual student in the school community.” 
Being late has many implications.  When a student is late, s/he misses out on valuable information and negatively impacts the class as a whole as tardiness interrupts instruction.  Timeliness also forms the backbone of important habits that lead to success in college and the broader workforce.
In the middle school, tardies accumulate one grading period at a time.  The slate will be wiped clean every six weeks.  Tardies cannot be “made-up”.  This policy does not negate individual teacher tardy policies affecting individual classes. 
(E) Excellent
(G) Good
(S) Satisfactory and Referral to Counselor
(N) Needs Improvement
6 or more
(U) Unsatisfactory and Referral to Principal