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Supplies for Middle School

In California, public schools cannot charge fees or require parents to purchase supplies -- with a few exceptions. That being said, many parents ask what supplies are helpful to have in middle school. 
The following list was compiled at the request of parents and with input from students.  Students noted that the following supplies were most helpful in their middle school experience.
·         minimum of 5 sharpened pencils
·         personal pencil sharpener or lead for mechanical pencils
·         blue and black ink pens
·         red/green correcting pen
·         ruled notebook paper
·         2 spiral notebooks (with at least 70 pages) – one for math, and one for science
·         1 college-ruled writing journal (not spiral)
·         2 college-ruled spiral notebooks with no dividers (with at least 100 pages) – one for English and one for social studies
·         colored pencils
·         ruler
·         glue stick or roll of tape
·         highlighters
·         2 packs of Post-It notes  (Size:  2 x 2”)
·         storage for pencils and other small objects, such as a pencil pouch or plastic carrying case.
·         headphones or ear buds (science and Spanish)
·         a pair of scissors
·         basic calculator
·         white-board marker and eraser