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Student must be supervised while on campus.  This includes both before and after school. 
In the Morning
  • There is no supervision on campus prior to 7:20 am.  Gates will remain locked until that time.
  • Once the gates open in the morning, students report directly to the covered lunch area, the blacktop, or to a classroom teacher. 
  • Students may not congregate in the auditorium, in the library, nor on the ramps to the loft.
At Lunch
  • Students report directly to the cafeteria or the area outside the cafeteria designated for eating.
  • The seating area in the Gecko Garden is not available during lunch.
  • During the 15 minutes set aside for eating lunch, students remain in the eating area.  Students may not be on the blacktop, playing tether ball, in the bushes, nor in the library. (Library access during lunch is only with an approved "Library Pass".  There are a limited number of library passes and they are distributed only by Ms. Kristina.  Please see Ms. Kristina during lunch to request a library pass.)
  • Students should use the restroom on the way to lunch, or during the 15 minutes of social time, after lunch has been eaten.
  • Eighth graders have the opportunity to earn lunchtime seating under the lunch arbor.
After School
  • After the final bell has rung, students must be in a supervised area.  This would include approved after-school activities such as PrimeTime, Kids Corner, art classes with Mrs. Ekedal, and middle school PE, after school clubs and activities such as Science Olympiad or Quz Bowl, as well as tutoring with individual teachers.
  • Students who are not in an organized activity or being directly overseen by an adult, should exit the campus by 2:30 pm.
  • Students found on campus, unsupervised after 2:30 pm will be asked to leave.
  • Pioneer Park is not an area supervised by school personnel.  This is not an approved after school care area, unless an adult is specifically overseeing your activities, such practice with the cross-country team or yoga.