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Staff - Special Education

The Special Education Program at Grant is designed to meet the needs of students with federal handicapping conditions as identified through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. A continuum of service delivery options is provided to meet individual needs. Collaborative support within the general education classroom is provided by the Resource Specialist for special education students.
For more information about our special education program, please contact our service providers:
Name Provider Contact Information
Bastidas, Christinemoderate/severecbastidas@sandi.net
Blythe, Jeremyadaptive physical educationjblythe@sandi.net
Miceli, Carmenmild/moderatecmiceli@sandi.net 
Mulno, Heatherschool psychologisthmulno@sandi.net
Rocker, Samanthaspeech pathologistsrocker@sandi.net 
Van Nice, Aliciaoccupational therapistavannice@sandi.net 
Walton, Alyssamild/moderateawalton@sandi.net