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Snyder, John

John Snyder
Room Upper Loft 4
Math and Technology
I was born in Burlingame, California. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Santa Clara Valley.
 J. Snyder
I came to San Diego in order to attend the University of California San Diego at La Jolla. Like so many of us, I ended up falling in love with San Diego, especially the climate.
While I was a student at UCSD, I spent the summer of 1981 teaching English and honing up my Mandarin in The Peoples' Republic of China. Most of the summer I was at two of UCSD's sister schools: Chungching Technical University and The University of Wuhan. It was quite an experience to spend time in Western China just after the Cultural Revolution.
I earned my Teaching Credential at University of San Diego, and a Mathematics specialist credential at San Diego State University.
I was lucky enough to do my student teaching at Grant when it was just an elementary school. My first contract assignment was teaching 4th and 5th grade at Rolando Park Elementary School, near College Grove. I was there for 9 years. I learned to play the recorder in order to teach beginning instrumental music.
It has been almost a decade since I was fortunate enough to be offered a position at Grant.  I've taught mathematics enrichment and technology, in the Math Lab, fourth grade seminar, and I've now been "promoted" to middle school, teaching sixth grade math and technology in the "Engineer-ium".
I live in a tiny house in the San Diego neighborhood of South Park with 1000's of plants, mostly orchid species, and my 3 wonderful dogs. As an amateur naturalist, I enjoy traveling to far off lands and exploring the plants and animals there. My cathedral is the rain forest - I feel completed by my sense of awe and simultaneous insignificance. 
I also enjoy learning new things and have always enjoyed making things. Right now, I am exploring a life-long interest in electronics, Arduino and hobby robotics. Talk to me for a few minutes and I'd most likely mention my fondness for Make Magazine. It sums up my interests and passions quite well.