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Phase I

April 2016
Digging continues on the east end of campus.  Large holes were drilled for the installation of the caissons that are part of the structural support system of the new retaining wall.  However, before the caissons could be installed, paleontologists came out to the site to check for fossils as the caisson holes were drilled into the San Diego formation -- a light grey sediment.  No T-Rex bones were found, so constructions continues. 
March 2016
Excavation began in March on the east end of campus.  Huge machines were transported to Grant and the digging began.  The asphalt for the basketball courts was systematically removed and grading began on the eastern and southern ends of the campus in preparation for a new classroom and cafeteria.  The most striking feature, however, was the enormous pyramid of dirt stretching upward behind the middle school classrooms.
About the Project
Phase one of the whole site modernization project will include the removal of two portable classrooms before construction, as well as the relocation of three portable classrooms and a restroom building. A new 8,400-square-foot, two-story, eight-classroom building containing a new data/technology room will be constructed, as will a new 5,800-square-foot, two-story building for food service, teachers support and storage, and a new food shelter structure. All new buildings and existing buildings will be connected to a new fire alarm system and new intercom system.
The existing two-story, permanent classroom building and two existing kindergarten classrooms will get air conditioning upgrades. A new parking lot, kindergarten drop-off/pick-up area, landscape and site infrastructure work are also included. Other upgrades include a new an 8-inch fire service water line, storm water and sewer line improvements, as well as new power/electrical service upgrades. Upon completion of this construction project, six to eight existing portable classrooms will be removed.
What to expect:  Our contractors will do their best to limit noise, dust and disruptions associated with this project. The construction activity and workers will be separated from the rest of the campus, and adjacent properties will be separated by screened fences. The school parking lot will be unavailable starting winter 2015 until summer 2017. Grant K-8 staff will be parking in the surrounding neighborhood due to the construction activities.
Construction is by nature a disruption we tolerate to improve school facilities for the future, and we appreciate your patience while this project is underway. When the whole site modernization project is finished, the upgrades to Grant K-8 School will benefit the students and the community for years to come.
Completion:  Construction is expected to be complete summer 2017.
When a project is complete, often there’s a dedication ceremony and/or open house for the new facility. Should
such an event be scheduled, and you would like an invitation, please send your name, e-mail address and phone number to SDUSDFacilitiesInfo@sandi.net.
This project is part of the district’s capital improvement program funded by Propositions S and Z, which were passed by voters in 2008 and 2012 respectively. For more project details, please visit https://fpcprojects.sandi.net/Pages/Reports.aspx?SchoolName=9127 (scroll down to “Project Schedules”) or contact Janet Cortez, project manager, by phone at 858-637-6279 or by e-mail at jcortez1@sandi.net.
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