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Passing Period

Students are allotted four minutes between each period to transition from class to class.  This time should be used to take care of any personal needs.  This may include using the restroom, hand washing, or refilling water bottles.  These activities should not take place during class time.
Students are expected to be seated, with their supplies out, ready to work when the bell rings.  Please plan accordingly and use passing period wisely.
Expectations for Passing Period
During passing period students are expected to walk and use appropriate language.  Students are also expected to follow designated foot traffic patterns as indicated by their teachers.  This helps to alleviate crowding.
Students may not:
  • play with the tether balls
  • climb on the play equipment
  • stand in or on the planters
  • play tag
  • run on the ramps

Students attending classes in the upper loft for their first class of the day or directly after lunch (periods 1 and/or 5) line up on the blacktop and enter the loft from the blacktop only.

Under no circumstances should students by passing through the library or the auditorium at any time during the school day as they transition from class to class.