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All students are required to walk to the lunch area via the fire lane/kindergarten fence line.
Students purchasing a school lunch, are expected to:
  • line up along the south side of the cafeteria.
  • stand in line appropriately. 
  • wait to be invited to enter the cafeteria.
  • choose one entrée, one drink, and a fruit or vegetable item from the cafeteria.
  • set down their food tray before entering PIN into the console.
Meal Accounts
  • All students receive a PIN number for their personal meal account and should memorize it as soon as possible.    
  • PIN numbers remain the same from school year to school year. (The school and/or cafeteria are not responsible to notify parents when meal accounts are low or depleted.)
  • An application for re-certification or new certification for free and reduced price meals is included in the packet of information sent home the first day of school, and a new application must be filled out each school year. 
Lunch Period Rules
Students who bring a lunch from home, go directly to the lunch tables in/outside the cafeteria and enjoy. 
All food is to be consumed in the eating area; it may not be brought out to the blacktop.
During lunch students are expected to behave appropriately.  This includes:
  • Remaining seated in the lunch area until dismissed
  • Stacking recyclable trays in the red crates and depositing other trash into the appropriate container
  • Visiting using appropriate table conversation using a Level 2 conversation voice.
  • Responding quickly and appropriately to the requests of lunchtime supervisors