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Electronic Devices

Electronic devices, including things like phones and tablets, as well as headphones/ear buds, are carefully monitored on campus.

Students are NOT permitted to use electronic devices on campus except under the direct supervision of a teacher. 

Any electronic device that is visible, audible or otherwise in use during prohibited times will be confiscated.  

Laser pointers are not allowed on campus in the possession of students.

Cell phones are allowed on campus, but must be off and put away at all times. You may not carry your cell phone in your pocket. If a cell phone is visible, it may be confiscated at the discretion of the teacher.  If a cell phone is confiscated it is your responsibility to notify your parent/s. If you would like to inform a parent, you may either wait you get home or you can ask to use a school phone after school.  THE SCHOOL DOES NOT CALL HOME ON CELL PHONE VIOLATIONS.  In addition, your parent/guardian must make arrangements with the administration in order to pick up a cell phone (or any other confiscated device.)