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  1. Culture Grams: Country and state information including geography and climate, customs, daily life videos, recipes, statistics, flag, and national anthem.
  2. Safari Montage:  Collection of streaming videos for K-12 for students and teachers. As well as a collection of district produced units of study.
  3. SIRS Discoverer:  Contains newspaper and magazine articles, nonfiction e-books, and a pro-con issues collection.
  4. World Book Early World of Learning:  Provides reading practice and visual interactive encyclopedia for grades PreK-1.  Trek’s Travels is available in Spanish. 
  5. World Book Hallazgos:  Spanish encyclopedia contains videos, images, a Spanish visual dictionary, and animal comparison tool.  Bilingual feature allows students to switch between Spanish and English content.
  6. World Book Kids:  Encyclopedia for elementary and middle school use.  Includes videos, images, a biography center and web site links.
  7. World Book Discover:  Encyclopedia with easy to read articles on topics of interest to middle and high school students that include reading comprehension questions to help students focus on key concepts.
If a password is needed it is:  Username - Sandi1   Password - library
If you have any questions please contact:  Edwin Quintanilla