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Bastidas, Christine

Christine Bastidas
Special Education - Moderate/Severe
Room N-17
I have been working with students with disabilities for over 25 years.  I feel that I have learned a great C. Bastidas deal from former students and pride myself being able to accommodate individual needs and goals.  I started my career working as a Special Education Assistant in 1987 and soon thereafter decided to return to school to get my credential.  After many years of hard work and raising a family I not only earned my Special Education Moderate/Severe credential I also earned a Master’s in education.
My primary objective for students is to provide a “safe” atmosphere where learning can take place.  A place where one can feel comfortable to take risks.
Independence is another goal of program, to allow students to be able to access their environment with little or no assistance.  Every student is unique and independence may look different for each individual, but the gratification of success on all levels in priceless.
I look forward to another successful year with your children and encourage you to contact me at any time with any concerns or questions.