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Anthony, Anne

Anne Anthony
Social Studies/Quiz Bowl/JMUN
Room M-3

Ms. Anthony’s early years are so far in the distant past that they are blur to her and most who knew her then.  She does remember traveling the lower levels of the smugglers’ moon, Nar Shadda, where an ancient Jedi Knight Vima-Da-Boda recognized her Jedi potential. She was recommended to Luke Skywalker and joined his Academy on Yavin Four some months later.  Ms. Anthony trained at the Great Temple of Massassi on the jungle moon of Yavin Four with Skywalker’s first class of 13 Jedi initiates. 
After years of training, it became clear that Ms. Anthony was not to become a Jedi Knight.  Although with her love of chaos, endless patience and a certain tolerance for whining it was suggested that she might make an ideal middle school teacher.  With the blessings of Master Skywalker, Ms. Anthony left Yavin Four and traveled to planet located deep in the Outer Rim territories, known as Earth.  Here she taught first at San Diego High School, then at Pacific Beach Middle School, finally settling down for five years at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Scripps Ranch.  Although happy at T. Marshall Middle School, something was amiss.  The Force to continued to call her south and west and finally in the year 1361 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) or 2007 Standard Earth measurement, Ms. Anthony arrived at Grant where she pursues an illustrious career teaching history and her battle against the Empire.  May the Force be with you.