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                               APRIL 27, 2020: WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL, EAGLES! CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS SPECIAL VIDEO WE MADE FOR YOU! (thank you, Mr. Law, for creating the video!)

Golden Hill K-8 is a GREAT school community! To all current students and families, thank you for being an important part of it! If you are not yet a part of this community, we encourage you to consider enrolling your child in the future. Here are a few of the positive aspects that make Golden Hill AWESOME. These include some that are NEW for 2019-20:

  • Dual Language Immersion Program (Spanish/English) Click here for a KUSI news story about our school’s program.

  • Kind, caring, COOL staff, students, and family community

  • Social/Emotional Learning Program for all grades, focusing on developing empathy, self awareness, self management, and interpersonal skills, including an advisory program for middle school students

  • Double digit gains on state testing

  • True Project-Based Learning in grades 6-8 (the principal and some middle school teachers spent a collective 35 years working at High Tech High, and have implemented “Gold Standard PBL”) 

  • Robotics and Pre-Engineering electives in grades 6-8

  • Music program for all students in grades TK-5, which includes seasonal performances

  • A comprehensive physical education program, anchored by our full-time P.E. teacher (our PE teacher teaches CPR to students and in August 2018, one of our 8th graders saved her cousin's life! Click here for the news story)

  • Collaborative, focused, professional learning for all teachers

  • One computer for each student in each classroom

  • Located in a quiet, urban neighborhood

  • PrimeTime before and after school program available to all students

  • Enrichment programs during and after school, including FREE after school Ballet, Yoga, and sports clubs

  • Daily Running Club, from 8:45-9:07AM

 We encourage you to SCHEDULE A SCHOOL TOUR.  

If you have any questions, please call the school office at (619) 236-5600.

School News

Sci Tech Challenge
Golden Hill K-8 wins the Sci Tech Challenge!
Cinco de Mayo Festival
Golden Hill K-8 celebrates Cinco de Mayo!
bullying awareness internet safety golden hill k-8 assembly Bullying and Internet Safety Awareness Assembly
Students learn how to be safe and deal with bullying.
golden hill k-8 school valentine free haircut event Valentine's Haircut Event
Students get free haircuts to prepare for Valentine's Day!
K-2 Field Day
Field Day for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade!
Mother's Day
Golden Hill celebrates Mother's Day!
Teacher Breakfast
Principal Romo cooks for a memorable Teacher Breakfast!
Cinco de Mayo Festival
Our Cinco de Mayo Festival was utterly amazing!
2017 Talent Show
2017 Golden Hill Talent Show was a hit!
Trout Release
3rd Graders release their trout into the lake!

Upcoming Events

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