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Adult Education High School Diploma Program (HSDP)

Adult Education High School Diploma Program (HSDP)

Garfield Adult Education Site
Garfield High School
1255 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Contact: Rosa McCollum, AE / Room 416
Phone (619) 362-4516

Come join us! It's never too late to earn your high school diploma.  Take the first step today to earn a high school diploma by enrolling in the San Diego Unified School District's High School Diploma Program (HSDP).  All classes are state supported and FREE.

Adult Student Enrollment

Individuals 18 to 20 years of age who do not have a high school diploma may enroll in adult education high school diploma classes.  To enroll, contact the adult education site of your choice for further information.

Other Independent Study Program Sites
Crawford Adult Education Site
Crawford High School
4191 Colts Way, San Diego, CA  92115
Room 806
Phone (619) 362-3762
Madison Adult Education Site
Madison High School
4833 Doliva Drive, San Diego, CA  92117
Room B-4
Phone (858) 573-5869
Mira Mesa Education Site
Mira Mesa High School
10510 Reagan Road, San Diego, CA  92126
Room B-42
Phone (858) 530-0467
Morse Adult Education Site
6905 Skyline Drive
San Diego CA 92114
Room B-1
Phone (619)266-9622 Ext. 3001