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Friendship and Flowers

The Field Friendship and Garden Club members are students in Transitional Kindergarten through Second Grade. The students meet for one hour after school each Thursday for 6 weeks, getting to know each other and working in the school garden area.  They will learn about promoting kindness, respect, and friendship in our school and in the community and how to teach these skills to others.  Not only that, they will learn how to tell weeds from flowers, how to plant and water, and how to keep the garden looking healthy. Some of their parents are also participating in the club with their children.  In the next session, the club will be open to students in grades three through five.

Teachers Ann Boisvert and Maritza Ramirez are the organizers of the newly formed club.  Mrs. Ramirez is also one of the organizers of our After School Basketball Club which is open to students in Grades three through five.