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Our Principal, Mr. Tovar

Armando Tovar Jr.

Dear Fay Families and Friends,

 As principal of Fay, I look forward to the relationships and memories I will create with staff, parents and community members over the years. I feel fortunate to be at a school with great staff, students, and parents and I am confident this year is going to be an incredible year for us all!!

This year, I will be doing a lot of listening and watching, as well as learning from the incredible staff and parents at Fay. My personal goal will be to provide leadership that facilitates a school environment which promotes instruction to meet the individual needs of students to the best of our ability. It is my personal belief that a strong home-school connection is an essential component to a schools success and it will continue to be a priority at Fay.

Parents, teachers, support staff, and administration all play an important role in encouraging children to become active learners. Your support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure continued academic success for every child at Fay. I encourage parents to stop by our “Fay Café” on Monday mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee and attend once monthly Family Fridays, as well as our monthly parent classes.

Once again, I am extremely excited about our partnership we will foster this school year and look forward to the many challenges and joys that lie ahead. I know we will make a great team as we continue the Fay tradition of students, parents, and staff working together to make each child the best that he or she can be!

Mr. Tovar