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Parents of students giving their children cell phones

Question and answer format

Parents often ask this important question and/or give cell phones to their children without educating their children on what it is used for.


Parents giving their children permission to use social media

Question and answer format

Parents often ask the question on the pros and cons of their child having a social media account.


Parents of students that are using social media

Question and answer format

Parents often wonder about how to support their child in using social media respectfully and responsibly


Parents of students using Internet

Question and answer format

This is a great starting point for parents as they allow their children more and more time online.


Parents of students using technology.

Question and answer format

Parents often wonder on what the best privacy settings are to set up their child’s smartphone, computer, tablets, etc.

6. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/video/educators/digital-citizenship

Teacher and parents of students using technology


Parents and teachers can use the video to launch Digital Citizenship