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Focused Note-Taking


Focused Note -Taking


Taking Notes


Establish a purpose for note-taking

 -- Create an Essential Question

Select the best format for the notes

 -- Cornell notes, Mind Maps, Graphic Organizers, Three-column  Notes

Write notes based on the sources

 -- Paraphrase, arrange, and organize thoughtfully

Processing Notes




Think about your notes and revise:

• Underline/highlight

• Circle

• Question

• Add notes/delete notes

• Organize/chunk

• Main ideas . . .  Less important notes  . . .  Details

Connecting Thinking


Think Beyond Your Notes

Ask wonderment questions

     -- Comprehension                 -- Prediction

     -- Anomaly detection             -- Application

     -- Planning/Strategy

Ask Costa's higher level questions

Make connections

     -- To what you already know    -- To another content

     -- To your life                          --  To the world

Summarizing and

Reflecting on Learning


Write a summary of what you learned.

• Answer the Essential Question.


Include a reflection.

• How will you use this information?



Applying Learning


Use your notes for the intended purpose:

• Writing                                • Philosophical Chairs

• Socratic Seminar                • Speeches

• Studying for a quiz             • Narratives

• Experiments                        • Research

• Problem solving                  • Blogs


Apply what you learned to a new situation.