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Clubs & Organizations



Meets in Room 53  Tuesday 4-5

Contact Mr. Weeden for more info.


Homework Club

Meets Monday - Wednesday in the Library


Martial Arts

Meets on Wednesday 4-5 in Room B-5

Contact Carson Smith for more info.



Meets on Monday from 4 - 5 in Rm 31

Must be in AVID elective

Contact Ms. Rankin for more information


Science Club

Advisory Rm62

Must be in Advanced Science

Ms. Huntington


Art Club

Meets on Tuesday from 4 - 5 in Rm 35

Contact Ms. Colby for more information 



Meets on Tuesday from 4 - 5 in Rm. 33

Contact Ms. Keeter for more information


Prime Time

Before and After School Rm B2

Mr.Ivan Vasquez


Military Teens Club

Friday 9:30-12:30

Library  Ms. Schad

by Invitation