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Is awesome!!!!

If you LOVE to have fun, room 64 is the place to be! Here are reasons why room 64 is the most magnificent class to be in!

Top ten reasons to be in room 64

1.Mrs.Vaughan has so many fun things to do over the school year.

2. Room 64 has a awesome class pet(a leopard gecko).  

3.The classroom has wonderful books including Wonder and more.

4.There are Dojo points to see if the class is on task.

5. The class has really cool projects.

6.Our classroom is super colorful and fun to explore.  

7. We are a cool class that has yoga balls to sit on, a couch and “cheetah chairs” that you can do studying on or you can even sit outside on what we call our “patio”.

8. Creativity and out of the box thinking is always welcomed and encouraged.

9.There are so much fun things to do for the class/ class jobs.

10. Room 64 lives by the Pyramid to Success which is personal best, poise, confidence, fitness, skill, team spirit, self control, alertness, action, determination, friendship, loyalty, hard work, cooperation and ENTHUSIASM!


The awesomest teacher in the whole world!!!!!!!!

Some of you think teachers are strict, or funny, and most of you think teachers are kind and AMAZING!!!!

But when you see Mrs.Vaughan you’ll agree that she puts the VAUGHAN in VIKING. Mrs.Vaughan is funny, awesome, kind, and strict about certain things. She doesn’t like candy, but some sweets she can deal with and she is sweet as well. Mrs.Vaughan’s best friend is Ms.Bartig, who is also an amazing kinder teacher that we buddy up with! But back to Mrs.Vaughan,Mrs.Vaughan’s favorite color is pink, she is an amazing teacher that likes to fish (if you are lucky she’ll take you fishing on a boat in the ocean) and loves the outdoors. She is an awesome teacher and she hearts cats.

Rules to being the safest class in Ericson

Some rules are boring,

But when you see room 64’s rules, it is hard to not follow them! Here are our awesome rules of politeness and sweetness...

1.Pay attention

2. Don’t talk when other people are talking

3. NEVER rock in your chair or on your chair

4. Do what you're told

5. Mind your own business(unless someone got hurt)

6. Care about others and not just yourself

7. Help the teacher for just being sweet and not because you want tickets or a pick out of the treasure box

8.  Don’t cut in line without permission

9. Never be selfish



        The End

Out of all the 3rd grade in Ericson Elementary, Room 64 is the best. Be welcome to come to our classroom and check out everything. Mrs.Vaughan will welcome you with a warm smile and you will be shown around by the greeters. You will love the students’ and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a student in the classroom and get even smarter than you already are.


Students from Room 64.

Tamara Vaughan