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Be Your Personal Best!
In our classroom, we promote an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect. We work hard to build a sense of community among our students, and  emphasize the idea of teamwork. We value cooperation and collaboration both in the classroom and as we work with our peers.  We believe that great things can happen when we work together!  We want all of our students to be successful!

Because of this ideology that we share, throughout the year we will be discussing the book Inch and Miles. Inch and Miles go on a journey to find what it takes to become successful. Along the way, students learn what they need to do to become successful!

"Success isn't having trophies or toys.
It isn't a medal or friends of your choice.
What is Success? That's easy to see.
It's trying to be the best you can be!
Don't worry what others may have or might say
When trying your best, Success comes your way."
Inches and Miles by Coach John Wooden