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Dear Families,


Welcome to room 42! As your child’s teacher this year, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome
you as part of the room 42 family. I have an exciting year planned, and look forward to making this your child’s most successful year at Ericson. There are so many wonderful opportunities for growth in kindergarten. I look
forward to working closely with you, and invite you to both visit and help in
the classroom, as you are able. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, I have attached a sheet for you to sign and return.
In order for your child to experience success in his or her studies, daily attendance is very important. Please arrange to pick up work if your child will be absent for
longer than 2 days.
I have set up classroom standards to ensure a pleasant learning environment for every student. Please read and review them with your child and sign below so we are clear on all procedures. Again, welcome to the new school year!

Ms. Wilson

#1 Rule: Never hurt
anyone on the inside or the outside!

Classroom Rules

·       Listen when others speak

·       Keep hands and feet to yourself

·       Clean up after yourself

·       Use kind words and actions

·       Use inside voices and walking feet 


·       Receive a blue slip
·       Earn a fuzzy
·       Earn a Fuzzy party
·       Get picked as a Friday winner
·       Punch on reward card for red day.Yeah! 



      If you break a rule:

      1st time: Reminder

      2nd time: Move clothespin to blue and time out away from group

3rd time: Move clothespin to purple and teacher chooses a consequence.

      4th time: Child moves clothes pin to telephone, calls home.

      Severe disruption: Removal from class. Parent and principal notified.Conference arranged.


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Student Signature                                  Parent Signature

Hooray for

Dear Families,

I am in need of parent volunteers as helpers. This is a wonderful opportunity to share in your child’s school experience. If you wish to volunteer, please check the list
below to let me know what interests you.




Prepare materials at home (i.e. cutting, coloring, etc.)


Prepare materials at school


Read to the Kindergarteners


Work with small groups of kinders


Help with special in class projects  


Bring in treats for parties



Any other ways you wish to volunteer?_______________




Day(s) and time (s) available to




      Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday           Thursday  Friday




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Name____________________ Child’s Name_________________________



Gracie Wilson