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Ericson Elementary School

Leif Ericson Elementary is known as the “extra effort” school. Nestled in an ethnically and culturally diverse area of Mira Mesa. Our student body represents 27 languages. Ericson offers a highly trained staff and faculty to serve all students, from IEP through GATE/Seminar. The entire teaching staff is BCLAD/CLAD or SB 1969 certified. 

We provide intervention support for students at risk of not meeting grade-level standards through the development of a supportive Learning Contract. Additional support is given by push-in teachers, and parent volunteers. 
While we are proud of our academic work, we also make certain to provide for students’ social-emotional needs. Our Student Study Team made up of classroom teachers, District counselor, school nurse, school psychologist, resource specialists and administrator provide needed academic, behavioral and health interventions.
For the past three years, we have been a California Distinguished School and a Title I Academic Award winner. A spirit of collaboration and dedication reflects our "extra effort" school as administrators and staff provide outstanding service by working together with students, parents and the community to maximize learning.