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Reporting An Absence

Students need to be in school EVERY day!  If students are not in school, they miss out on important classroom instruction needed for school success.  When students are ill, call the school office at (619) 344-6723 to inform them of the illness.  Students who are ill often will need to provide a doctor’s note after each absence.  Every day students are absent our school loses money for their education.
When to keep your child home:
An illness is a valid excuse to keep your child home.
•    Vomiting
•    High fever
•    Contagious illness
•    Head lice (may return once it’s treated)

Do NOT keep children home for:
•    Rainy weather
•    Oversleeping
•    Doctor or dentist appointments (schedule after school hours or during vacations)
•    Babysitting
•    Stomachaches or headaches