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School Closure Letter from Principal (English)

March 13, 2020


Dear Edison families:

As you likely already heard, this morning Superintendent Marten announced that schools will close as of next Monday, March 16th through April 6th.

PLEASE NOTE:  Edison is a YEAR ROUND school and our students DO NOT return to school on April 6th.  They return on April 27th.  At this very moment,  April 27th is the planned date of return.  If this changes, you will be contacted through the automated phone system.

A few questions were answered by the district which may be of interest to you:

1.       Will there be Primetime? No.  ALL programs are closed. No students on campus.

2.       Will there be childcare? No. However, the district is in communication with local organizations who are offering to help.  For information, I would suggest going to the district website as it is being updated constantly.

3.       Will food be served to children? Yes. There are seven school locations where you can take your child(ren) for “Grab and Go” meals.  Basically this is a drive up service where students will be provided with lunch and breakfast for the next day.  The lunches will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the schools are:

·         Clark Middle school: 4388 Thorn St. 92105

·         Cherokee Point Elementary: 3735 38th Street 92105

·         Sherman Elementary: 301 22nd St. 92102

·         Zamorano Elementary: 2655 Casey Street 92139

·         Kearny High school: 1954 Komet Way 92111

·         O’Farrell: 6130 Skyline Dr. 92114

·         Farb middle school: 4880 La Cuenta Dr. 92124

4.       What about parent conferences? These are cancelled until further notice.

5.       Will anyone be on campus during the closure? No. The district is not allowing any employees on campus unless they receive direct instructions to be on site.

6.       What about report cards? These will be taken care of upon return.

7.       How will the district communicate with parents?  They will be sending out automated phone messages, emails, texts, and of course the district website is probably the best place to go for updated information.

8.       Will schools be sanitized? Yes. Before students return to school, everything will be sanitized.

Please visit the district website frequently at www.sandi.net for updates and make sure to answer the phone for the automated messages.


Thank you,

Eileen Moreno, Ed.D.