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School Site Council

The School Site Council is a shared decision making body composed of parents, staff, and classified personnel.

School Site Councils are required by the State of California to oversee our school’s Site Plan and Title I budgets. Our Council is identifies needs for academic programs and sets budgets. Its main responsibility is to prepare and monitor the School Site Plan.

This plan reflects our school"s educational goals and its main strategies for achieving those goals for all of its students. The Site Council is also responsible for approving our school"s budget for the compensatory education funds we receive each year. These funds are allocated by the state and federal governments to serve the educational needs of low-income children.

Members of the School Site Council are elected to two-year terms with parents, staff and classified personnel electing their own representatives.

2018-2019  SSC Members

Eileen Moreno

Therese Leclerc

Tabatha Footman-Robertson

Carlos Bribiesca

Cristian Molano

Tiffany Stricklin

Laura Ortega

Maria Hernandez

Alma Toscano

Jeanette Izaguirre


SSC Meeting Dates


Our SSC meetings take place at 2:30 p.m. in room 3101.


Next meeting:

November 13, 2018