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Heidi Brown

Fifth Grade Teacher


I am thrilled to be your 5th grade teacher this year. I believe you will work hard to prepare for middle school and I look forward to working hard in teaching you.

Education has been a lifetime career where I’ve experienced many types of positions including: Pre School teacher, Kindergarten through fifth grade co-teacher or supporting teacher, Resource teacher for special education teachers, Learning center teacher, and school psychologist. I have a master’s and four credentials in education and various certifications, including a GATE. This will be my fourth year teaching fifth grade.

I enjoy traveling, eating healthy, and being active. The latest adventure was a road trip with my husband and dog, Tess, north through Oregon and Washington, then east through Idaho and Montana. I also spent seven days bike riding along the Erie Canal and visiting the Boston area. Past travels include Hawaii, Europe and South America. Each place was unique, yet the people I met have sorrows, joy and aspirations the same as all of us. 

My expectations for you this year include: learning 5th grade curriculum and preparing for middle school and life beyond. The EBS character values and a Growth Mindset will be a part of our classroom and are a BIG part of what I believe brings out the best in all of us. I am known to have a fun sense of humor with an appreciation for theater in my teaching. I work hard so each student can reach their full potential in a positive environment that values a sense of family and community spirit.

Goals will focus on developing:

1.    Independent Thinkers -

a.       Ask questions

b.      Celebrate mistakes – best way to learn!

c.       Do not always share the same opinion as a classmate/friend.

2.    Independently Organized people -

a.       Question themselves (what do I need? When, Where?)

3.    Independent Problem Solvers -

a.       In facilitating instruction, I ask copious amounts of questions and encourage yours.

b.     A growth mindset will be nurtured and encouraged.

c.       3B4me- choose 3 different ways to solve (look around, ask a classmate, check your paper or planner); THEN ask me.


Again, I can’t wait to get started! See you in room 152!


Mrs. Brown


 E.B. Scripps Fifth Grade


First Day of School:  We are very excited to begin the 2018-2019 school year. Our parent volunteer program will begin after the first month of school, and we will have additional information regarding volunteering at our Back-to-School Night.

Snack & Lunch: Your child will have time for a nutrition break and lunch every day (no snack on Thursdays). They may purchase food at school or bring a snack and lunch from home. Please provide a healthy snack and/or lunch and place everything (both snack and lunch) in JUST ONE ZIPPERED bag with their name written in Sharpie on the OUTSIDE.

P.E. Clothes and Shoes: Your child will participate in daily recess and/or P.E.  Your child should wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear for these activities. Hats and sunscreen are also recommended. PE schedule will be provided shortly.

Back to School Night: Thursday, August 30, from 5 – 5:40 p.m. in our classrooms.  Please mark your calendars and plan to visit your child’s classroom to hear important information about 5th grade. There will be a lot of information presented in a short period of time, and you will have an opportunity to sign up for classroom and school-wide positions and parent/teacher conferences.

Student Supplies/Classroom Donations: All supplies necessary for your child's education are required to be provided free by the school. Purchasing supplies is optional. The list of supplies on the back is provided as a courtesy to parents who wish to purchase them for their child. You can also find this list at https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/eb-scripps/fifth-grade.

Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful school! We look forward to working together with you and your child this coming school year.

 5TH Grade Teachers

Mrs. Brown - Science/Social Studies - Room 152

858/693-8593 ext. 4152  



Mrs. Moos - Math - Room 154

858/693-8593 ext. 4154



Mr. Shobar - Math - Room 153

858/693-8593 ext. 4153



Mr. Pacheco - Science/Social Studies - Room 155

858/693-8593 ext. 4155