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Heidi Brown

Fifth Grade Teacher


Dear Students and Parents,
I am so excited to be your 5th grade teacher this year. I believe you will work hard to prepare for middle school and I look forward to working hard towards your success.
Education has been a lifetime career where I’ve experienced many types of positions including: Pre School teacher, Kindergarten through fifth grade co-teacher or supporting teacher, Resource teacher for special education teachers, Learning center teacher, and School psychologist. I have a master’s and four credentials in education and various certifications, including a GATE certification. This will be my third year of teaching fifth grade.
I enjoy traveling, eating healthy, and being active. The latest adventure was a road trip with my husband and dog, Tess, north through Oregon and Washington, then east through Idaho and Montana. I visited many sites that Lewis and Clark traveled in their Corp of Discovery trip, 1804 – 1806. I was also privileged to attend a Teacher Institute training in Williamsburg, Virginia where the beginning history of our country was brought to life. I can’t wait to share with you! Past travels include a bike trip through the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria; and Ecuador and Galapagos islands where I learned about the area and snorkeled, biked, hiked, went horseback riding, and visited people and sites of that country. Oh yes, and zip-lined Superman style, rappelled down a waterfall, and jumped off of a bridge – via a bungee rope!
My expectations for you this year include: learning 5th grade curriculum; preparing for middle school and, life beyond. The EBS character values and a Growth Mindset will be a part of our classroom and are a BIG part of what I believe brings out the best in all of us.
Goals will focus on people who are:
1.    Independent Thinkers -
a.       Ask questions
b.      Celebrate mistakes – best way to learn!
c.       Do not always share the same opinion as a classmate/friend.
2.    Independently Organized people -
a.       Question themselves (what do I need? When, Where?)
3.    Independent Problem Solvers -
a.       In facilitating instruction, I ask copious amounts of questions and encourage yours.
b.      Having a Growth Mindset will be nurtured and encouraged.
c.       3B4me- choose 3 different ways to solve (look around, ask a classmate, check your paper or planner); THEN ask me.
Again, I can’t wait to get started! See you in room 152!
Mrs. Brown