District Home



Mrs. Trinh

Dear Families,
Welcome to Room 356!  As your child's second grade teacher this year, it is my pleasure to welcome you to a new school year.   I have an exciting year planned, and look forward to making this your child's most successful year at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary.
I look forward to working closely with you, and invite you to both visit and help in the classroom, as you are able.  If you are interested in being parent volunteer, please sign up at Back-to-School Night.
I have prepared this letter to acquaint you with the process of ensuring a pleasant learning environment for every student.  Our first week of school will establishing our classroom Agreements.  The students in every E.B. Scripps classroom establish these standards and procedures referred to as Agreements.
My goal is to help your child develop the responsibility of completing and returning his or her homework to school.  The amount of actual engaged time that the average student in second grade will spend on daily homework is approximately 30 minutes.  Second graders may need some help with their homework and this is a way that you can be aware of what we are studying in class and how your child is progressing.  More details regarding homework will be discussed at Back-to-School Night.  Also, at Back-to-School Night, you will receive information about homework, second grade curriculum, projects. You will be able to sign up for Parent-teacher conferences.
Please help your child by:
  • ·    Establishing a daily time for homework
    ·     Providing a quiet well-lighted are to do homework
    · Supporting good habits and letting your child complete the work
    ·    Checking to see that homework is completed and giving assistance when needed
Please remember that the process, not the product, is the most important aspect of the homework.   The discussion, the activity and the involvement of a caring family member are important.
In order for your child to experience success in his or her studies, daily attendance is very important.  Please arrange to pick up work if your child will be absent for longer than two days.
The Daily Folder needs to come to school every day with your child.  It is one way for us to communicate with each other.  Your child's finished work will come home on the "leave home" side.  Be sure and empty it EVERY night.  It is your opportunity to appreciate your child's hard work.  You will see what he or she is doing well and what he or she might need extra help on.  We will send also send home important papers to be signed and returned on the "bring back" side of the folder.  We empty it every day so if you have a note for me, it is the safest route!
I know this will be a great year for us!  Please contact me at (858) 693-8593  Ext. 4356 or etrinh@sandi.net if you have any questions.
Again, welcome to the new school year!
Emily Trinh